Sunday, March 8, 2009

Things I like

As promised, I'm writing about positive things.

Things that i like today:
(where did the button for a bulleted list go? hmm.)

the way your hair feels after you've conditioned it.
putting on clean jeans after you've just taken a shower.
the fact that the weather is getting warmer and breezier.
playing piano.
Beethoven sonatas.
classical public radio.
the paintings at my piano teacher's house by that artist I can never remember the name of.


Michael Schramm said...

I need to be a better follower of your blog and comment instead of just lurk.

I agree most with clean jeans and sharpies. I'm particular about new sharpies. Well, I'm particular about all writing supplies.

.5 or go home!

Take care.

Robert said...


And I'm particularly fond of this blue sharpie I have that has the little clippy thing broken off of it.

Don't borrow it from me, I chew on the end of it. I promise it's not a usual habit for me.