Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hannan, Coffee, and the New Yorker

I am not hugely familiar with british politics, but watching Daniel Hannan tear the Prime Minister a new one was rather entertaining. He's got a degree in modern history (isn't that an oxymoron?).

I am boycotting Moby's, a local Christian coffeeshop. Why, you ask? They refuse to serve Pepsi products on the grounds that Pepsi openly supports gay rights. Certainly that is their prerogative... Just like it's my prerogative to drive an extra ten minutes to Starbucks. Their coffee tastes better anyway.

I subscribe to the New Yorker, because it is an intellegently written, interesting magazine. However, I rarely have time to read it. If you stacked up the issues of the magazine that I've actually read something out of next to the ones that I have neglected, the neglected pile would be significantly taller.
This makes me feel kind of like a phony. Oh well... I like it when I have the chance to read it.

P.S. I have the info on the Moby's thing from a friend of mine who works there.


Allec said...

(Ha, Modern History...cute)

From what I have gathered, the British Parliament is quite vicious compared to the US.

And good for you for boycotting that stupid coffee shop! If I could, I would, but it doesn't exist here.

...Hannan has a blog!? Oh lord! This is worse than the US Senators and their Twitter.

Bozy said...

I must say that video was rather entertaining...

Where did you hear about the Pepsi thing?

Robert said...

I have it from someone we both know who works there.